Undergraduate Double Major Program

A Double Major is a single degree programme, in which a student satisfies the requirements of two Majors. It is conceived as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and capacities by pursuing a second Major alongside their primary Major. It may be taken in the same faculty that offers the primary major or from a different Faculty. A student who enrolled for double major program must be taken least 36 credits from the other program courses.Students may enroll in a minor program no earlier than their third and no later than their fifth semester. The prospective student's cumulative GPA must be equal or more than 3.50 at the beginning of the 3rd semester, 3.25 at the beginning of 4th semester and 3.00 at the beginning of the 5th semester. Double majors degree programs are available Energy System EngineeringElectrical-Electronical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering DepartmentsStudents can obtain detailed information about the Double Major degree programs from their academic advisors. 

Double Major Program Course List can be found here.

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